Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training

Register to attend a two day Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training Seminar on September 22 and 23 designed for family and business law attorneys, psychologists and other mental health professionals, coaches, social workers and mediators, financial professionals, child development and co-parenting specialists, and anyone assisting business or family colients in conflict.  For more information click the Education tab under the Resources tab.

M.R.C.P. 26 Amendment Proposed

There are three proposed changes involving the Massachusetts discover rules, all taken from amendments to the federal discovery rules. The proposed amendments to the Massachusetts discovery rules are intended to address the burdens of discovery that have been the subject of significant debate across the country over the past few years. For more information, click on Courthouse News under the Events tab.

Lawyer of the Day program needs volunteers

Please be advised that the Probate Court Lawyer for the Day Program, which accepts volunteer attorneys in the Brockton and Plymouth Probate Courts, is in need of new members, especially in Brockton Probate Court.  We schedule attorneys in Plymouth and Brockton on Monday – Friday.   Both courts are grateful for any assistance they receive, but there have been times, mostly in Brockton, when an attorney is unavailable and a day is left uncovered.  Click on Courthouse News to access the “Volunteers Needed” notice and description of the Probate lawyer for the Day Program for those who are interested.

Revised MUPC forms now online

The Probate and Family Court (“Court”) announces the availability of fillable versions of the following new and revisedMUPC Estate forms. The forms and all instructions are now available on the Court’s website at
Effective April 15, 2016, the Court will require the use of the new and revised forms, including in cases initiated beforeApril 15, 2016. For example, if a case is filed prior to April 15, 2016 and is deficient in some manner (such as an erroneous listing of heirs at law), forms filed on or after April 15 must be submitted on the new forms in order to satisfy the deficiency.
The Court will accept for filing any “pre April 15, 2016” forms for a two week grace period. The new and revised forms are the first of a two part release of MUPC estate form changes to go into effect. The second
release is anticipated to take place in May. The form changes are the result of a coordinated effort between the MUPC Procedures and Forms Committee. For any questions on the above, please contact Evelyn Patsos, Esq., at