Committees Required by By-Laws

Bench Bar/District Court: Brockton:  Dave Asack (Chair)  Wareham:  Michael Ready; Hingham:  Lee Darst; Plymouth: Jay McLaughlin and Bill Sims

 Bench Bar/Probate Court:  John Sullivan, Janet Wallace, Bob Berks, Kirstin Young and Bettina Holton

Nominating:  David Asack (Chair), David Slutsky, Scott Peterson, Ben Harley, Susannah Brown

Ad Hoc Committees

Education:  John Sullivan, Sonya Posey, Ben Harley, Kirsten Young, Lee Darst, Josh Wienberger, Dan Alexander

Golf Tournament: Matt Donnelly, Dan Alexander, Bettna Holton, and David Slutsky

Legislative Breakfast:  Bruce Raphel, Josh Weinberger, Sonya Posey, Josey Lynn Payne

Membership:  Kevin Phillips, Sonya Posey, and Mary Troy

Scholarship:  Mike Ready, Jim O’Sullivan, Josh Weinberger,

Law Day: Scott Peterson – Hingham; Ed Sharkansky & Bruce Raphel – Brockton; Jay McLaughlin – Plymouth

Social Committee: Susan Castleton Ryan, Lee Darst, Sonya Posey, and Jim O’Sullivan

Website:  Anita Comerford, Josh Weinberger

Legal Services Liaison:  Bettina Holton

Historical Committee: Kevin Phillips, Mary Troy

Bylaw Committee: Mike Reidy, Alan McCarthy, Bruce Raphael and Dan Alexander

Probate and Family Court Concilliation: Kirsten Young, Susannah Brown, Cindy Gates, Bettina Holton

House of Delegates (MBA):  Michael Ready

Plymouth County Liason to Chief Ordonez’s State Wide Committee:  Susan Castleton Ryan